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January Lecture

"Underneath the Dartmouth Oil Refinery: Finding Fort Clarence" Presented by David Jones


Tuesday, January 28, 2020 7pm Burke Theatre A Saint Mary's University


The Imperial Oil Dartmouth Terminal (formerly the Imperial Oil Dartmouth Refinery and also known as Imperoyal) is located on the edge of Halifax Harbour in Woodside, Nova Scotia between Downtown Dartmouth and Shearwater.

Founded in 1918, the refinery ceased production in 2013 and is undergoing the skyline-altering process of converting to a terminal.

Only recently demolished, the towers of the Dartmouth Terminal had long been a familiar sight from either the harbour or Pleasant Street.

It is not well known that underneath the Imperial Oil Dartmouth Terminal are the stone remains of Fort Clarence, a colonial Halifax/Dartmouth fortification that dates back originally to the mid-18th century. Join David Jones for an illustrated lecture on the archaeological and historical context of this significant site.


David Jones is a life-long resident of Dartmouth and a local historian and archaeological advocate. David is a member of the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Archaeology Society, the Dartmouth Heritage Museum - Evergreen House & Quaker House and the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia. Listen to David Jones discuss history and archaeology every Wednesday on the Rick Howe Show (NEWS 95.7) at 12:06pm.

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